I feel that I can't really believe it because it likes suddenly I have my very own blog that I dream long ago. With the help of one of my friend, I started to know about blogger and what the blog is all about. It is 145 in the morning and I am glad to have my own new blog. It is so interesting to learn about it. I always see my friend spent all his time in front of his laptop maintaining his blog and I am wondering if he never feel bored facing his own blog.

Actually, I really have a lot of thing to write but I will go slowly because I need to discover what I really want to write in this blog. I hope I can share my experience, my knowledge and my thought with the bloggers and readers who will reach my blog. I am so excited right now to be among the bloggers who have blog for so long. I am sure my friend who help me to set up this blog will help to promote this blog and we will build our blogger network together.

Later, I will blog more and for those who suddenly reach this blog, please have time to come again and give your support.

My journey as blogger starts now.