When it will only cost you RM2.00.

Justice will always comes to everyone of us (that is always the God’s promise) but will everyone may always comes to justice? Those who can afford the private lawyer’s fees may easily ‘pay the tickets’ to justice though justice may resist to permit the knocked door be opened. To those who were part of the opposite areas of the globe, they may have merit cases to stand before the court of law, yet lack of either power of persuasion or worst, knowledge on how to defend. The Legal Aid Bureau may always be the answer to any aggrieved party seeking for path of redress. However, the accessibility to justice through the institution’s roles may taint with improprieties when such opportunity being dominated by those who are not eligible and unfit for the mean test. The Bureau is always firm in its principles pursuant to the Legal Aid Act 1971 (Act 26) provisions since I personally believed that, Justice must not only be done, but must also seem to be done! (Enough for dreaming applicants who wear Pagoda shirt to cover golden singlet they wear inside.)

“If any person seeking or receiving legal aid or advice in furnishing any information in his application knowingly makes any false statement or false representation, he shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding one thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both.”

Section 31, Legal Aid Act 1971 (Act 26)

Professional Record Updated (It's Practical Session!)

The first week of my practical course has already passed and the experience on ‘how tired and exhausted working as civil servant’ is another personal things that I have to face either as a reminder of my mother’s challenging working position or as another views of my future working prospect.

The Selangor Legal Aid Bureau is proposing for expending its civil jurisdiction to any legal disputes pertaining to Industrial Relation, Labour, Tort and Contract. For this mission, an ample statistical data is required to justify the necessity of the need to expend its functions and of course to review cases commencing from January to November is a tall order. I have the opportunity to review hundreds of application forms from hundreds applicants who desired to receive either legal aid or legal advice in various legal field. Some of them have sufficient merit for filing a civil suit and some of them only come with the intention to prolong the court proceeding or else, a litigious personnel (What else you want us to do if without any shadow of doubt your husband has been charge for possession of drug under DDA? and what else we can do if you want to sue PDRM for mean words they uttered to you in the course of investigation?)

From hundreds forms of applications and cases, I need to identify the issues accrued either in Tort, Labour and Contract, and further transform it into a statistical data. Not to mention, you knew already how tough the tasks were, isn’t it? Thanks God, I have excellent co-trainees working together with me. Ahaks...

Basically, that is what I have been through yesterday. For the several days ago, I accompanied my 2ndmentor, Cik Hani Aziza, the Deputy Director to court, observing how to register application for legal aid and legal advice, interview and conduct investigation with applicant and aggrieved party (the client) and indentify their problems (some of them came with anger, hatred, and tears), federal statute review of Legal Aid Act and providing our report and expectation to the Director. For syariah division, early exposure helps me with Islamic Family Law course for next semester.

Here, I have been trained in two cells medium, either direct under the Director, Puan Noor Sakinah Bt. Haroon Arashid, or sometimes direct under the lawyer a.k.a the Deputy Director. Next session will be ‘Klinik Guaman’ at KUIS, (Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor) and applicant who seeking for mitigation before court at Penjara Sungai Buloh.

I’m alone at my apartment right now. Starving. It’s Aidil Adha, where to go to entertain my stomach...........