It has been more than one year I have not updated my personal professional record to deal with any legal dispute for my legal practice. Well, of course in the first place I want to make myself use with it and obtain more and more experience before I join practical course for my BLS but in the same time I have put myself in a great danger; practicing law without proper qualification (LLB) and trying to deal problems which I am not familiar with. It is imperative to make it clear here that those problems do not whatsoever burdened or causing unwanted disturbance to me because no one has the vote, I personally volunteered myself in exercising the right to choose to get involved in any legal and formal suit for the sake of knowledge for my future prospect.

Since the case of formal suit against the insurance company that I chose to insured my first laptop, last 13 May’s case called me to deal with another insurance company that directly affecting the interest of my beloved auntie. Though the dispute occurred has nothing to do with my financial interest and security protection, I volunteered myself to help my auntie. As her personal consultant and legal adviser, I have prepared myself with relevant argument in legal basis and documentation evidence to fight for her right. My decision faced with repeated criticism from my lecturer who taught me, particularly Madam Roslinem but it doesn’t by any mean discourage me to continue my originating action on the behalf of my auntie, the aggrieved party here.

Sorry to say that it seem to be the nature of practice, be it private company or civil servant, when dispute occurs, most of it due to error on their part, they tend to avoid public siege and refuse to admit that they are the party who should be held responsible. When the payment paid lost undetected in record, they are so reluctant to entertain the claimant what more when the latter come alone to the respective company. I have been informed that all the aggrieved parties who seek for path of redress unable or had never been successful to reach beyond the clerk desk. Procedural rigidity and unethical attitude of the staff in charge caused the aggrieved party to resort to surrender their account and suffer the lost of their payment. Surprisingly, the branch manager not only shocked with my presence but also with the matter which drag me to draw an inference and jump into quick conclusion that the staff didn’t informed the complain to their superior (or it is the best way to escape responsibility on the part of the branch manager when facing a thin man with a black suit and a file of cases and documents of material evidence). Attacking their technical error in the transaction statement, procedural error of the agent, unethical attitude of the staff in charge and unprofessional conduct of the branch manager, with all supporting material evidence and relevant documents, I went to CSC at Kuala Lumpur to report those conflicts to the manager of call-management of customer service department. Representing my auntie and nine others, the complaint now is pending for administrative responsibility and discipline-moral action.

So far, from 13 May until 19 May were a long sequencing days of this semester break. Thanks God, finally they do admitted their mistake and ready to guarantee to correct their error (up till now, they have matched the payment in transaction statement but still working with it to rearrange the amount paid). It is sad and so disappointed to think that such disputes occurred in such Islamic institution and under the surveillance and responsibility of Islamic management. What more when I came into record that the disputed that begun in 2005 only settled in 2009 only with my presence as the middleman. Most of the aggrieved party belong to mothers (from middle-class society) who are poor in basic IT Knowledge, communication skill and formal procedure. They (and persons who accompanied them to make complain, particularly their husband and relative) didn’t know on how and where to seek relief since the accessibility to information about this matter is limited. They refused to seek to appoint private lawyer since they can’t afford to bear the cost and when I mention about Legal Aid and BBG they only expressed their hope that this matter ends in no more time since they had suffered too long.

From the bottom of my heart, I came to help with no motive of monetary orientation and what count the most is my sincere and compassion. For my personal professional record, all supporting documents used in this formal action will be kept for future reference. Justice has, like in other cases in my previous record, preserved.