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I would like to welcome the 20th follower of this blog. It’s rare to have new follower but nothing would be more satisfying than realizing my plain pieces of writing inspired others’ thought and perspective.  

Re: Ko Cuti Wat Ape? [Short Update]

Hi there... this is an update which I’m currently preparing during the interval of my busy time. Thanks to Allah I’m now one of the RC assisting my lecturer who intended to publish a new case-and-material family law book. After what I’ve been through so far, I’ve told myself that I’ll think twice before I would grumble why a law book costs me more than a hundred ringgit (Malaysian currency). To be frank, producing law book is a tedious task. You are required to give intellectual comments for every section in the LRA that you have previously explained. So basically, you have to search for cases in the database to support every section in the LRA and not to mention, other related statutes such as Adoption Act, MWA, Guardianship Act and so forth. In the meantime, I’ll allocate some of my time to get familiarize myself with evidence law. But somehow, I’m stuck between pursuing my interest and research obligation since there is due date await me at the end of the week. Essentially, let’s hope that I pass my family law paper and may further my study for otherwise, all this would mean, literally, “nothing”. “Ya Allah, perkenankanlah doa hambamu ini”
For the concluding remark, let me leave you with these messages.

 It is not easy to have someone who cares and dear to you. To have someone who can understand you more than you understand yourself. To have someone who would foregone the stars and the moon just to make you smile and to see you happy. But we human hardly thankful to be blessed with such a person. We tend to regret what we have missed than to be grateful for what we have achieved. It is only when we suffered lost that we then acknowledged and realised that the one who we used to have is far better than the one who we currently are chasing at. In the time we are blessed and surrounded with new personas, we hardly think of the one who we used to get along with. In fact, we sometimes compare one with another. But when miracle turns the heart of those personas against you, what would you do to have the one who you had already turned your back against, to return to you. What would you say then? How would you face him / her then? Remember dear friend, the elevator is never but always up and down. And so does life.  
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Happiness is like peeing in your pants... everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.

This is it?

It has been many months I left this blog without new entries and it follows that many things had happened during the interval. Final exams for final semester demand my attention to its fullest. What I’m about to write is merely the lost pieces of my personal stories that would constitute another episode of my wonderful life. I realise that most of the time I put greater attention to those that I care and enjoy doing so. Perhaps, for this semester break, it is the right time for me to allocate, out of my limited time, to think about myself and to start what I had left, to continue what I had previously started and to prepare myself for what I’m about to have in the next coming future.

It’s not that surprised to discover that the cycle of my formal learning process has nearly comes to the middle stage of its progress. Of course, I look forward to studying more and being a degree holder definitely would not be the end of my intelligence struggleship. However, it must also be borne in mind that our today’s successful attainments is not solely the result of our own tear and sweat, but therein lies the willingness of others who are readily to sacrifice for our sakes and the continuous prayers of those who are dearest to us. For me, the excitement to further my studies must be carefully weighed and such decision must be based on a careful calculation of the gains and losses involved since I believe that the ambitious dreams must always be balanced with certain limitations such as financial constrains, physical and mental capacity / fitness and commitment capability; only then you will know the true extant of your guts and how determined you really are. Doing LLB (Hons.) is not the same as taking another degree.

After I had finished my last exam paper, what came across my mind was “this is it?” and I’m pretty sure that I’ll ask myself the same question again once I have finished with my LLB (Hons.) (InsyaAllah) and once I have retired from my employment. It simply burst out of my random thoughts that “for the long struggles and pains that I’ve went through, now I nearly strived what I’ve been looking for. This is it?”. From now onwards, I keep on praying that everything will go as planned.

Some of my friends wonder why on earth I declined to celebrate this so called historical moment together. Lets the rest remains undiscovered for too little I’m ready to dispense with; “What a relief! I think I better leave right now coz I can’t wait to see the faces of whom have been funding and support me all this while (ma n pa).”

p/s: When someone is about to leave, it is better for you not to say goodbye coz to do otherwise would means farewell. Instead, it is better for you to leave without actual notice then perhaps the remaining one would suppose “don’t worry, sooner or later I’ll definitely meet him again”. And if you really wish to start a completely new life in the near future, this would be the right motion.  J “Things doesn’t happen without reason” – Hitman said that.