Red, Yellow and Green

Hello again... it is 6.15 in the morning. I guess I would like to start my day and let the time pass by posting this new short entry. I had my sahur and subuh prayer quite earlier than I normally do and in commemoration with Nuzul Quran, today is a public holiday. I really hope that my late granny received what I have posted to her this morning, and for you dear readers, this post serves as a reminder to all of you. Reader Digest in 1999 classified Malaysians among the first 10 of discourteous road users in the world and was indentified to habitually litter, beating the red traffic light, doesn’t give signal to turn, and show no respect to pedestrian. Apart from these aforementioned factors, there are alarming figures with regards to hit and run accident and snatch theft.

I guess it will only be an ordinary x-ray scanning and I’ve drank plain water in an immense number. And lets pray together so that I’ll be treated by a male doctor or radiologist. It’s no longer hurt but I feel somewhat inconvenience. Though doing medical checkups and treatments is part of my monthly routine, I do panic wanting for the result. And that panic has dragged me since the last two weeks before I’m dare enough to discuss it here and somehow, it suddenly arises, yet again.  


I wonder when I’ll able to fall asleep... people would normally fall asleep when they are physically stress and mentally relax. You’ll find that good quality sleep is made up from these criteria. Physically, I’m fatigue already, but so does the mental state of my mind. Too much things linger in my mind and that restrain me even to yawn. People then would normally reply “take it easy, dude... free your mind, then you will feel comfortable.” Haha~ Right now, “stop from thinking something” is much difficult than “stop from thinking nothing”.  Or should I share with you what bothers me all this while? Yeah... perhaps you may make it different and perhaps you may lessen this so called burden? Haha~ I’m just kidding. How this could possible happen? Enough for what you already have. I don’t want you to have the same problems like me – thinking of my problems would cause you too can’t fall asleep. Do you get me now? It gave you the hint already...

Right now, I’m thinking about someone. I used to address this dilemma to one of my friend; “It would be so nice if I could “transfer” what I’m thinking right now to your mind so that I don’t have to speak them out” and he just smile and laugh. Had I stand in his position, I would also do the same thing. There are many things in this life that are too difficult to be described in words and letters, yet noticeable if they are expressed in other alternative methods. That’s why when it comes to legal disputes; conduct is an important circumstantial evidence before the court of law. Honestly speaking, my life is like an open book and I believe that it will always be like this. People would easily notice when I’m upset and cheer. But what remains a dispute is why or how I was in that mood. Haha~ But I’m a “direct” person. When there is something that makes me confuse, I would ask for clarity from those who know best even though it’s somthing that will cause my face turns into red in colour. Yeah I do remember asking “what’s wrong with male wearing white pants” or “how should I express my feeling to her, in a proper way?” When I’m feel like I’m wrong, I’ll not hesitate to say sorry even though sometimes I’m quite reluctant (coz I'm shy) to answer , when somebody asking, “Why and what for?”

[oh it’s already half page long, yet my eyes are even brighter]

Hm... it is better if try to have a wudhu’ first and try to sleep as much as I can. Whatever it’s,

I love my parents,
I love my brothers and sister,
I love my friends, and
I love my cats. (big smile)

I really which if they know how big or how deep of what I feel like. It is really big and really deep enough to sink all the white sheep and their entire population that I’ve already counted in my mind (yet never fall asleep). What makes me worry is not whether they are also have the same feeling or how it is really like, but how long I could share this feeling with them coz the clock is ticking and people would have another new dimension of their lives. Of course, these are not gonna be the same as what we previously had, anymore. After this, Ridzuan would have his PHD in medic, Aishah will never come back to Malaysia and Sheila would soon be a caring wife and mother. That remind me about Badrul who used to say, “You don’t have to worry very much, we will always keep in touch. A complicated person who had few friends like you would always appreciate who you already knew, and we knew who you really are.” Perhaps, I’m not good in memorising numbers, figures, direction-where-to-go or stages-how-to-do but sometimes, I’m good of memorising or imitating what people had talked to me. So no wonder I can remember many drama script on the teley. Oh, it’s near 3 a.m.

For Badrul, Al-Fatihah.

p/s: even though I don’t know you, what you do and who you are, you are also counted :) Zzzz......

Trade Mark Law in Malaysia - [Update]

Coming soon: Model answer for Test 1

Section 3(1) of the trade Marks Act 1976 provides that “trade mark” means except in relation to Part XI, a mark used or proposed to be used in relation to goods or services for the purpose of indicating or so as to indicate a connection in the course of trade between the goods or services and a person having the right either as proprietor or as registered user to use the mark whether with or without an indication of the identity of that person, and means, in relation to Part XI, a mark registrable or registered under the said Part XI”

With reference to case law explain the meaning of the above provision.

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Coz we are all brothers...

Coz we are all brothers... and that turns fire into ice; a pure crystal of ice. It happens to be a really big deal to me. So please do remember and do be honest, coz sometimes I may easily disappointed for an undeniable minute issue and after all, it is not easy to rebuild everything back to normal. I ask no more. Perhaps I’m not an important subject, so why bother, inst it?  At least I'll not doing something onto other what will cause paint if done to me. Why this so called connection is too expensive to gain, yet too paint to maintain?

Ok, let me put it like this so that everything will be fine and it'll always like this; I'm the one who is extraordinary sensitive and the only one who should be blamed is me, no one else. 

Hm.... cut it off...

Happy Ramadhan

Kyle Fahkrurazzi wishing you Happy Ramdhan

"O who believe, fasting is decreed for you
as it was decreed for those before you;
perchance you will guard yourselves.


The month of Ramadan is the month
in which the Koran was sent down,
a guidance for the people,
and clear verses of guidance and
[Quran: Al-Baqarah (Chapter 2), 183]

Syed Mohktar Al-Bukhary: I’m amazed

For those who are familiar with corporate sector, the long series of successful attainments of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Shah Bin Syed Nor Al-Bukhary, the richest Bumiputra corporate personnel in Malaysia, are not a new phenomenon. He started his career as a sole proprietor dealing with rice in 1990s, from which he turned his patience and determination into Syarikat Impian Teladan Sdn Bhd, Syarikat Ratu Jernih Sdn Bhd, Syarikat Perdana Padu Sdn Bhd and several other companies involving multimillion projects both in Malaysia and abroad.   

The general rule is that “no pain, no gain” and that makes me remains impressed with him for I possessed a considerable degree of reluctant to share with others something that I hardly grabbed or snatched.  I personally put little attention for what he had and will achieve in the future since our entitlement to Allah’s blessing may vary from one to another, nevertheless, he has my respect due to his readiness to distribute and channel millions of his asset out of his profit for charity though perhaps people may argue that ‘zakat harta” is the core obligation for a rich person like him. I completely have no idea of what he had been through previously but our common sense tells that there must be “thorn and storm” along the journey, isn’t it?

Compared to me, what is so challenging being an ordinary student? Most of the time I try to initiate my steps to study together with my other colleagues. I invites for their cares. But the seat is not always available for me. And that force me to walk by myself yet I’m not that stingy to share with other what I had learned and experienced from the adventure. But somehow, honestly speaking, I’m an ordinary being and I’m not like Tan Sri for I’m not possesses the same degree of generosity. But I have to learn from Tan Sri. I got to change and be like him. I got to be like him, definitely. Because I knew that there is a promise that “when you give a slice, soon you’ll have a loaf” and “when you make other easier to walk, soon other will make you easier to run”.

People said that when you are dizzy, don’t talk to those who are caught in flue. They never knew, never understand. So perhaps I better ask the advice from those who take 6 courses for this semester. I know that I’m not alone.

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[Cerita sedih aku]

My lonely story...

It’s not a straight line and the distance between each of us is considerably a few steps far. We took the same path towards class and the crowd that move in the opposite direction, gradually break our chain. Morning class slot is always like this. Huh...

Several years ago, we were nothing more than ordinary persons who had ordinary lives and each of us is only connected by an invisible tie called “students of the same field”. Since then, we slowly develop our skills and in the meantime we start to know each other, unnoticed. Though sometime we hardly had a talk, each of us knew that we belong to the same tribe, law students.

The situation change as we further our studies and this time we left away our so called “cold attitude”. Perhaps this may be due to the reorganisation of community (many colours mingled together) and suddenly, our origin became the key point of our unity. From this moment, we became more friendly, understanding and tolerance. We tried to be in the same group so as to maintain our status quo; of course people would normally feel comfortable when they remain in a comfortable zone together with whom they are comfortable with.

However, there were many bad things happened in the middle of our voyage where our unity and trust had been tested and finally, collapsed. Since then, we were defragmented into many pieces and every time each of us accidently meets, we barely say hi or even smile. This is not a war, armed conflict or unfinished business involving accumulation of hatred and annoyance, rather it is an unsettled mere issue where each of us believes that we were right at all material time. Besides, this feeling is not referring to any sort of holding grudge or vengeance, rather a mere personal dissatisfaction where each of us put it in an isolated area of our mind and heart.

It is sad to think that we used to be friends and I recalled that we used to walk in this chain; you, him, me and a completely neutral person who doesn’t even care what is getting up save his interest and personal domain. In the class, we purposely put a considerable miles between us; you with him and your glamorous partners, me, on the other hand, with the neutral person and a closed friend who come to class by motorbike only for today yet not showing his face up till now.  I’m pretty worry about you and the one who you and me has dragged into this so called dilemma. But like my friend, who we had waiting for all this while, said: “There will be time when you are tired of thinking about others and when the time has finally come, that should be the end of the story....”. I argued with him “whether such preposition amounting to disappointment?” and he replies that “it depends on the nature of the story, but in many events, it does amounts to disappointment”...

What to do ....  


Trade Mark Law in Malaysia - Registrability of Trade Mark [Update]

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