Assalamualaikum, Hello has been quite some times  i’ve not update my blog in English version. I think i should grab this opportunity to state that the journey of my life as blogger must end here. It’s sad to think about this drastic decision but i’ve thought about it long ,long time ago.  I’ve to focus on my LLB life so i cant subordinate the interest to pursue my studies and blogging on the same time. Though it can be argued that blogging only requires 5 to 10 minutes out of my busy life, nevertheless, i’ve already lost one main reason to continue blogging. It’s nothing personal but i think it is a matter of time before i may materialize what i had previously thought for. I’m currently doing my research for two lecturers and that constraint me from regularly posting any new entry. Right now, i am also thinking about quitting the researches either, because i think i should prepare myself reading any relevant material before the new semester starts. I think what i have earned should able to cover my study fees and paying the house rent. However, i don’t think to close this blog for it has been a central of idea for quite sometimes until the day where i no longer post any new entry and receive no more passing by comments from regular followers. Like i used to mention, closing this blog is like killing the other side of me and there are too many memories embodied in every entry that i’ve posted. InsyaAllah, if i feel like blogging and post new entry i’ll notify my loyal visitors and followers about my new blog, but for now, i don’t think that it’s an option.  At this moment, what i’m thinking is about the first entry of the blog, during the early stage of its creation. Since i think that this blog started its entry in English version, therefore i think that it is much proper for it to end with the same. What makes it different is the composer, a curable irregularity i think.  So let’s this blog keep alive and carries every single precious moment that i’ve spent, together with my patience, love and caring all this while. The notes, the info, the facts, and any positive lessons therein shall be a reference for any past, present and future visitor and follower. I no longer link my facebook account with this blog’s add anymore. If i unable to pay my broadband fees, as i’m now have to work independently, i really hope that this blog will continue its purpose though i no longer continue writing. For the final and last episode as it can be, i hereby present the ending topic that i’ve long intended to write but it’s yet to be done for some personal issues. Nevertheles, i’ve the strength to mention about it in the end. Perhaps, this gonna be the last entry in celebrating my new look blog as well as the Chelsea and Jalur Gemilang buttons (big smile). Let’s pray that Allah give me a good health to continue blogging in the future, if i may so.

 I still remember the day when i went to my hometown by bus during the mid semester break together with my best friend. The title that caught my attention when i was reading the newspaper was a story about tiger, lion and bear living together. Despite of their differences, their nature and their habitat, they manage to live under the same roof peacefully. You may google this topic from other established blog as well. It has been reported that most of the time, the bear will lie its body on the lion and the tiger in order to attract their attention. I said to my friends that i’ll definitely write about this interesting topic in the near future. It is about friendship, brotherhood and tolerance despite of difference ideology, thought, belief and practice. But i think, even i manage to keep my promise now, it wouldn’t bring any difference either.

Love, care and sympathy are not long lasting as people always change as the time pass. All that matters is respect as it will continues no matter how your relationship is.

Only from me,
Kyle Fahkrurazzi Abdullah